ShaPe PoEm - MUS!C

* without you is like the WORLD would be silent...
* sorry 4 the inconvenient..! xD

p/s: to miss emy.. do you mind if i demand a comment 4 each of my entry..?? xD 


  1. g, u love cartoon isn't it? mickey without minnie? pooh without tigger and the most interesting part is spongebob without patrick? i thought gary is spongebob's best buddy! or crabby patty? LOL but this is a good poem, however u are lacking of the most important detail; pronoun?maybe u need to include more of pronouns? :) the rest i think it is just fine, or maybe you might want to change the fornt or the colour of the poem, because it is hard for me to read. all the best g!

  2. hahaha... i do love cartoons..!
    but seriousy, i dont really follow them...
    sometimes... maybe...~ xD
    okey miss..! i will try my best to improve
    myself...! i promise u that..!
    tqsm miss emy...! ^^.