plural 4 computer MOUSE..?? =.=?

Mouse Scientific classification:

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Rodentia
Superfamily: Muroidea
Family: Muridae
Subfamily: Murinae
Genus: Mus
Species: 30 known species

so, plural for this 'mouse' is 'mice'..!
how about the other 'mouse'..??

-> after searching here and there......

[The first known publication of the term "mouse" as a pointing device is in Bill English's 1965 publication "Computer-Aided Display Control".

>>The Compact Oxford English Dictionary (third edition) and the fourth edition of The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language endorse both computer mice and computer mouses as correct plural forms for computer mouse.<<

Some authors of technical documents may prefer either mouse devices or the more generic pointing devices. The plural mouses treats mouse as a "headless noun".

Two manuals of style in the computer industry—Sun Technical Publication's Read Me First: A Style Guide for the Computer Industry and Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications from Microsoft Press—recommend that technical writers use the term mouse devices instead of the alternatives.]

so, plural 4 this kind of 'mouse' is either 'computer mice' or 'computer mouses'.

-my 1st BEL 120 class-

*this is my BEL lecturer..! miss emy syafika..! ^__^

BEL..??  hmm... i bet he's not coming...! 

murmured confidently... naahh...~~

dont be that lazy azizi..! just go... nothing to lose dude..!  

( =.=" hey..! i got fever laa..! )

                                 entered the class slowly...

                                 looked around... nahh...  

                              he's not coming... AGAIN..~

                         ( hey MR..! look..! im sweating..! )

                              *please take account every 

                                single of my sweat.! =.="

               sat down comfortably and have a 'chit chat' with Fad...

suddenly, she appeared...~ i looked carefully...

hey, i dont know this specky girl...~

who is she..?? newcomer..?? interesting..!!

hehehe...!! xD

yawnn..~~ ^__^

how cute..~~ ^__^
                             numbed and shocked..!!

                           =.=" omg..!! my lecturer..??
                                am i dreaming..??
                           wake me up dude..! haih..~

 ice breaking..?? 

-.- zzzZZZ.... 

how BORING..!

( sorry miss emy..! ^__^ )

                                      poor Amirul arrived..! ^^

                                          be my clown man..!

                                               hahaha... xD



she's funny, kind and friendly...! 

not bad..! ^^

* this is my 1st entry..~ sorry if this entry looks like a piece of junk..!
* im sorry miss emy..! cant participate much that day..!
* thank you 4 ur concern..! appreciate it so much..! ^^
* I LOVE BEL 120..!! ^__^