Table Tennis Open Championship..

Politiknik Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

26 March 2011.

Team Members: 
Ahmad Izzat Basri (President + Captain)
Mohamad Azizi.. me.. ^^,
Izzat Farhan
Muhamad Haiqal
Nur Najihah
Laila Syahida
Aliaa Amirah

Special Thanks to:
Ahmad Izzat Basri for giving me such opportunity + coaching + encouraging + support n ect... =)
Members of UiTM Ping Pong Club for the support + training + pray... =)
Pakcik Driver + Manager... ^^
All team members and friends... =)

*Great experiences + great memories.. ^^
*Great opponents...
*Great Pakcik Driver.! hehe...
*Ijat.. sry 4 da 1st match...~ >.<

Gee & Jie.. ^^

 Gee, Haikal & Izzat Basri

Izzat Basri..~ [-.-]zzZZ

 Izzat Farhan..

 Aliaa & Nafisah..