-my 1st BEL 120 class-

*this is my BEL lecturer..! miss emy syafika..! ^__^

BEL..??  hmm... i bet he's not coming...! 

murmured confidently... naahh...~~

dont be that lazy azizi..! just go... nothing to lose dude..!  

( =.=" hey..! i got fever laa..! )

                                 entered the class slowly...

                                 looked around... nahh...  

                              he's not coming... AGAIN..~

                         ( hey MR..! look..! im sweating..! )

                              *please take account every 

                                single of my sweat.! =.="

               sat down comfortably and have a 'chit chat' with Fad...

suddenly, she appeared...~ i looked carefully...

hey, i dont know this specky girl...~

who is she..?? newcomer..?? interesting..!!

hehehe...!! xD

yawnn..~~ ^__^

how cute..~~ ^__^
                             numbed and shocked..!!

                           =.=" omg..!! my lecturer..??
                                am i dreaming..??
                           wake me up dude..! haih..~

 ice breaking..?? 

-.- zzzZZZ.... 

how BORING..!

( sorry miss emy..! ^__^ )

                                      poor Amirul arrived..! ^^

                                          be my clown man..!

                                               hahaha... xD



she's funny, kind and friendly...! 

not bad..! ^^

* this is my 1st entry..~ sorry if this entry looks like a piece of junk..!
* im sorry miss emy..! cant participate much that day..!
* thank you 4 ur concern..! appreciate it so much..! ^^
* I LOVE BEL 120..!! ^__^             



  1. cheezy..?? whats that suppose to mean...?? xD

  2. i just love it when a person tries to improve and learn to love english language.
    it intrigues me, for every effort one put.
    continue on what you're doing! :)
    very informative for a start.

  3. wahh..!!
    u know what.. i really dont expect
    4 u to walk around here..
    [ is it 4 real..?? @.@? ]
    tq btw..! really appreciate ur concern..!

  4. i have so many things to comment in this entry (so be prepared)
    1, you took my picture without asking my permission?how dare you! you need to pay for that picture. plus u are aware that u are not allowed to use hand phone in my class right?
    2,congratulations for coming to the class that day. u looked sick that day. but since u came, i should say thank you for the effort :)
    3, thanks to amirul for coming late to my class, or else everyone will end up dead because boring in my class uh? LOL
    4, im glad u have recovered frm that loong tiring flu. :)
    4, i don't think this entry is a piece of junk, i fact i think i love it, with pictures and colorful fonts,that is a good way to atract my attention gee :)

  5. wahh..!! i dont expect ur comment will be this long.. haha.. xD

    1. im not the 1 who took ur picture... he's a friend of mine..! ***** is the guy who r u looking 4..! xD
    2. hehe.. fyi, i will try my best to get my attendant full..! ^^.
    3. lol..~ miss emy..! its not that ur class is boring... but, since that day is the 1st day u enter the class... so, i cant avoid myself from getting awkward...
    4. hehe.. tq miss emy..! appreciate ur concern..! =)
    5. really..?? wahh..! tq..! glad 2 hear that..! ^^. however, i have looong way to go...~ please support me.. =)